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Ham On Rye Technologies

Las Vegas, NV, United States

Phone: 636 458 3232
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Ham On Rye Technologies, Inc. is the creator of innovative and patented Ham On Rye Theaterâ„¢. We manufacture and install the attraction at Theme Parks, Malls, Entertainment Locations, Resorts, Museums, Zoos, Themed Restaurants, Cinema Multiplexes, Entertainment Centers, Boardwalks and provide Moblie Units for fairs, carnivals and special events. Ham on Rye also creates all content for the patented attraction with a growing library of software game titles. We are located in a suburb of St. Louis Missouri with studio facilities to generate and program all games as well as manufacturing facilities located near corporate headquarters. The memorably named Ham On Rye Technologies has specialized in immersive technology for over 10 years, in the fields of entertainment and corporate marketing. It is the new leader among companies producing immersive attractions, as wll as offering the shortest buyer payback period of any high-tech attraction. This innovative company is managed by the business and technology leader Randy Sprout, Havard MBA and Cornell Master of Electircal engineering, and is driven by carefully selected professionals and artists in engineering, software content creation, and marketing.

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